Global support for Marius and Ruth Bodnariu Family (english subtitles available)

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Bodnariu family Bunicii copiilor fam. Bodnariu

We want to thank all who support Marius, Ruth and the reuniting with their 5 children. We received photos and messages from all over the world and this makes us stronger, knowing that you are praying and support us. God bless you!

Daniel Bodnariu:

Operation Global Pictures (part two):

For all those who took pictures and sent them to us, we would like to thank you! There where a lot of pictures, and we hope we included all of them. We already posted some of them (from various protests, from Betania Church in Dublin, etc). In case we missed some, it was not on purpose, and we hope you can understand. This video gives just a glimpse to the international support for Marius and Ruth Bodnariu. Please feel free to share this videoclip with your friends and not only.
You can now also share the…

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