Three Years After Escape from Norway

Delight in Truth

This is the testimony of a parent after a stealth escape from Norway while their family was awaiting Barnevernet County Committee intervention. Excerpts reposted with permission from professor Skanland’s page:

„When we left the country, I sent a mail to the leader of our child protection service Barnevernet, with a picture of over-joyed children in their seats on the plane on our way out of Europe. A great adventure for the smallest, while our eldest daughter was maybe the only one who understood fully that this was flight away from the people she had already hated for a good while. After a few months I rang our case handler back in Norway to say hello. The case handler said that in her opinion we had made a bad decision in leaving the country before the case was processed in the County Committee.

Let me be clear: Our children do not…

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