The Bodnariu family case exposes a harmful transnational Mafia system

The Bodnariu family case exposes a harmful transnational Mafia system
Military analyst & director intelligence Sebastian Sarbu vice-president National
Academy of Security and Defence Planning director of International Center For Criminal
Intelligence (USA)
The Bodnariu family case exposes a harmful transnational Mafia system which
practically operates in a no man’s land area, with some degree of involvement of the
Norwegian state at certains levels.
Norway does not have proper laws in the field of family and child protection. It is the
authorities that are responsible for the operativeness of intervention in this case and the
way of dealing with information, as there is no public report for this case.It is clear that
the Nordic countries are a target for internal and international organized crime which,
taking advantage of an abusive adoption system, is undermining the family with the
purpose of changing state structure. The liberal and permissive laws of this country, the
autonomy of certain institutions represent a vulnerability for the Norwegian state, which,
directly or indirectly, encourages at certain levels the radical agenda of subversive
groups which thus act against national sovereignty, as they are connected to
transnational organized crime and, quite likely, to international terrorism.
It must be said that this adoption policy is legal human trafficking, and the Barnevernet
should be dissolved or completely reorganized according to new legislation.
Control mechanisms and laws are needed in the field of child protection. It is clear that a
child cannot be taken away from its parents for supposedly abusive parental behavior.
For all this there must be legal evidence which should be presented in court during a fair
trial whereby losing parental rights, be it the father’s or the mother’s, following a social
worker report and a publicly available report, should be the most severe possible action
taken by the state.
Encouraging a child’s rights and freedom of choice can prove to be dangerous. The
child could be sent to an orphanage or be provided with medical assistance only
following proven abuse. Moreover, there is no treaty or agreement between Romania
and Norway regarding bilateral international adoptions.
Norwegian authorities are too anemic and they favor at certain levels the proliferation of
abuse and modern forms of exploitation, including via applying certain laws.
We must transmit, together with the responsible elements of Norwegian society, the
following message: „Do not mistake Norway for the Islamic State.” The Barnevernet is
Norway’s Islamic State, an enclave which rules according to unappliable laws, and
which is impossible to control by legal means or by the means of institutional
instruments. Unfortunately, these practices tend to become generalized. We cannot call
it „an authority” since it is a completely decentralized institution in the functioning of
which the government cannot intervene. It is unacceptable that an institution which has
so many responsabilities is completely decentralized and functions as a form of private
For a balanced approach, let us mention that:
1. Effects cannot be dissociated from the primary cause. The primary cause was a
„Christian song” which was interpreted by the principal as „Christian indoctrination

After witnessing the consequences, she withdrew her complaint and refused any
collaboration with the Barnevernet.
2. There is a difference between discipline and physical abuse. The children have not
been abused at all, a fact that was evidenced by the medical exam.
3. Norwegian laws forbid any form of physical correction. The decision was nonetheless
abusive because, according to legislation, the parents should have been provided with
counseling at first, and it should have been only afterwards that the children could have
been taken away. It is not this organization’s first abuse.
4. There is a certain legislative void in the field in Norway. Norwegian laws are lacking.
The Child Welfare Services are not being checked by anyone, not even intelligence
services, but this has changed lately. The organization is heavily financed, the
organization must be investigated… The lack of transparency in this case is frightening.
Some employees have spread information about special financial interests without
anyone taking notice.
In my view, the EU must intervene in this case. The European Commission has already
been notified. It is for the first time that Norwegian officials have admitted that
Norwegian laws are deficient and that legislation adapted to EU norms is necessary. We
salute this approach and such fair and moral efforts.
The coordination with EU institutions is equally necessary in order to identify the most
desirable course of action and the subsequent solutions. Romania supports
undiscriminatory child and family protection and is against any religious persecution or
social alienation
Sebi Sarbu

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