Wowbiz: Bavernet-ul anchetat! Mai multi directori ai organizatiei si-au anuntat demisiile dupa scandalurile din ultima perioada

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La inceputul acestei luni, o fetita de 13 ani aflata in grija Protectiei Copilului din localitatea norvegian Sogn og Fjordane a fost gasita moarta, in casa parintilor adoptivi, anunta Jurnalul de Nord. Fetita suferea de epilepsie, iar parintii biologici acuza faptul ca micuta nu ar fi primit ajutorul medical necesar, desi ei au solicitat in mod repetat acest lucru. Organizatia Bavernet din localitate si parintii adoptivi sunt acum cercetati de politie, iar directorul „protectiei copilului” din Sogn og Fjordane a fost suspendat. –

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Parlamentar Oyvind Habrekke: Barnevernet se va prabusi

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Sediul Barnevernet Oslo, Norvegia Sediul Barnevernet Oslo, Norvegia

Semnalul de alarma a fost tras in 2014 de parlamentarul norvegian Oyvind Habrekke.

Øyvind Håbrekke  este un politician norvegian, partidul crestin-democrat. El a crescut în Ashford si este în prezent stabilit la Oslo. El a fost consilier si secretar de stat în guvernul Bondevik II si a fost membru al comitetului central al partidului 2003-2009. (Sursa)


Esecul notiunilor de baza dupa care functioneaza sistemul de  bunastarea copilului se va prabusi, a spus Oyvind Habrekke , care face parte din Partidul Crestin Democratic si este membu in Parlamentul Norvegiei.

Un numar de propuneri legislative de modificare a Legii de protectia copilului sunt acum introduse pentru consultare, iar timpul primaverii urmatoare guvernul va veni cu o noua hartie alba cu privire la protectia copilului.

Oyvind Habrekke, este si membru al comitetului de familie din KrF. El se teme ca revizuirea guvernamentala al  serviciului de protectia…

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Marius Cruceru

Da, ne-au călcat azi! Am lipsit pentru o oră şi jumătate, între 10.50 şi 12.20. Atît. Ziua în amiaza-mare. Prima a ajuns acasă soţia mea. A deschis uşa şi a văzut toată casa întoarsă pe dos şi s-a întrebat: „Oare ce-o fi căutat Marius aşa de ardent?”.

După ce a văzut mai multe lucruri răsturnate, şi-a dat seama ce s-a întîmplat, s-a întors pe hol, a încercat să ia legătura cu vecinii, apoi m-a sunat pe mine. De obicei nu răspund cînd sînt în şedinţe, dar acum am avut o presimţire că ceva rău s-a întîmplat. Am răspuns.

„Marius, cred că cineva ne-a jefuit casa”

am auzit vocea ei de un calm care nu avea nicio legătură cu cele spuse şi evenimentele dramatice pe care tocmai le descria, o pace care venea de dincolo de imediat şi curent.

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Gazeta de Sud – Elevii de la Liceul de Arte „Marin Sorescu” sustin familia Bodnariu

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Craiova sustine familia Bodnariu Foto captura

Elevii de la Liceul de Arte „Marin Sorescu” au organizat, astăzi, o actiune de sustinere a familiei Bodnariu, căreia autoritătile din Norvegia i-a luat cei cinci copii. Elevii speră să sensibilizeze autoritatile din această tară si micutii să ajungă înapoi în sânul familiei. În cadrul manifestării de sustinere a familiei Bodnariu, copiii au prezentat un program artistic.

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Barnevernet – It’s all about the Money

Dumnezeu e în control

Barnevernet – It’s all about the Money
By Steven Bennet
Seven private investors have earned 57 million euros from CPS barnevernet services
(2014 report in Aftenposten).
Everything from a capital fund in London to the enormously rich Wallenberg family in
Sweden have realized that there is money to make in the Norwegian child welfare
system. Investors are on record saying – Child protection has become big business in
Argan Capital is a London-based investment company that says about the business
model on their own home pages – Argan Capital seeks to create the greatest possible
profit through a careful selection of businesses. The Norwegian child welfare system is
carefully selected to provide the greatest possible profit.
It’s all about providing maximum possible profits to its investors, and sadly, not about
the welfare of the families. Children in the Norwegian care system are dying as a result
of immoral, unethical…

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Norwegian politicians: The horror around „Child Protection”

  • power. Too much power lies within Barnevernet where the same people alike can take
    the role of adviser and helper, and then for the next moment be the ones deciding on
    the destiny of the child. A possible care order is determined by the County Council for
    Child Welfare and Social Affairs, but the relevant examiner’s child welfare report adds
    great weight to this decision. Parents must prove their ability to provide care in court
    against Barnevernet’s own officer. Therefore, the legal system works in a complete
    opposite way. It goes without saying that one should be considered innocent until
    proven guilty.
    But once a parent first loses custody, it is very difficult to get the children back. At great
    despair, the family can contact the media, but Barnevernet insists on confidentiality and
    therefore in most cases these allegations are never heard. These confidentiality rules
    make it difficult to assess what really happened in case. Therefore the case will never
    come to light.
    The fact that child welfare lacks transparency and can act as a „police state”, has
    created headlines around the world. People are afraid that their children will be taken
    away from them unless they understand what they may have done wrong and without
    that they cannot defend themselves. This particularly applies to foreign families. The
    „Norwegian-System” is hard enough to maneuver for a normal Norwegian. For a foreign
    family who may have not yet mastered the language, a sudden meeting with
    Barnevernet is perceived not only as traumatic, but completely incomprehensible. It
    must be easier to get information about what is meant by „good care” when one lives in
    Norway. Where is this information and who ensures that it is given? Is this something
    we could achieved through political means in order to avoid more unfortunate
    misunderstandings in the future?
    The family ties
    In a serious situation where children’s lives and health are considered in danger,
    therefor we have to accept emergency intervention to protect children. This will be done
    with respect for family privacy and with great care for the little ones. But one should
    never underestimate the familial and biological ties as a basic value in a child’s life.
    These ties are not easily replaced by a new adult person. On this basis, we believe that
    it should take an exceptional situation for a child to be placed with anyone other than
    close family and friends, and in the same community, although there could be solutions
    that are apparently of better quality. Barnevernet is obligated to follow the biological
    principle, but yet we see in the cases that come into the media spotlight, that this is not
    always the case. We read about families who could have avoided the pain of being
    separated if the family only received offers of help in the home. What fails in these kind
    of cases?
    In addition, children who need it, should be offered immediate trauma treatment, a
    treatment where emotions are processed in a sustainable way. We as a society must
    not accept that traumatized children be medicated, just because we do not have
    sufficient resources to work thru the real problems. These children need trustees to talk
  • to professionals with trauma understanding. Here we have politicians that see the need
    to increase the financial framework for mental health services and gladly earmark those
    for children and adolescents in child welfare care.
    Medication and trauma understanding
    It is natural to put a lid on emotions that are too painful to feel at the moment they are
    created. Small pain may be held down with light stimuli, such as sugar and smoke.
    Stronger pain requires heavier stimuli to keep „the lid on.” Drugs and alcohol, can all be
    used to self-medicate. One can criminalize such behavior, or we can look at the real
    needs and ask for help. What these children and young people need is help to loosen
    the lid in a controlled manner by releasing emotions that have been repressed, along
    with a confident adult person who actually understand the process and what goes on.
    Such redemption often comes only when someone cares, without rejecting or sudden
    abdication. A hug, a listening ear, someone who is not trying to „fix a” but just being
    present. Sometimes it can start with an outburst of anger. Then you have to endure thru
    it without using overwhelming force, if you really want to help.
    We heard in Ida’s story that someone reached out to her and endured her pain better
    than others. For the children to regain confidence and grow to become people in life,
    they must have such an attitude repeated over time. People with respect, empathy and
    time are those that prove to really be able to help. Then, the amount of accumulated
    emotions decreased. Penalties and enforcement gives the opposite effect and only
    builds up even more pain. This can also confirm the child’s own reflections on that there
    is an even that is failing. The children often notoriously blame themselves for what goes
    wrong around them.
    Human care
    It is thus obvious that education alone is not enough, one must also have the proper
    relational competence, great capacity for empathy and love to their own experiences to
    draw on. Here we need more resources to appropriate employees who dare to stand in
    tough conditions, but which also has the care and the personal qualities needed to
    accommodate traumatized children. Too often such institutions staffed with unqualified
    personnel and assistants.
    The institutions themselves, should also see if they can work in a different way. Why do
    we have so many big institutions when we know that what children and youth need is
    transparency, confidence and a way to deal with their issues? We must see that there is
    a need for more small institutions, which operated as home, with safe grown people
    ready to really look after their best interests. In addition, there is a great shortage of
    foster homes across the country. How can we increase the number of foster and allow
    institutional be absolutely the last resort? It’s no good to just criticize child welfare work.
    Such articles are plentiful. Now they have to find solutions and put money on the table.
    We as politicians can not speculate anymore – we must act!
  • New times – new child care
    It is about time that we look with fresh eyes at the way we treat the weakest in our
    society. Barnevernet and its system must be changed around and reflect a new age. All
    human beings have an intrinsic value. We should recognize the important job
    Barnevernet performs. Whoever saves lives and helps families to a better life. There is
    no doubt that the child does a lot right. But we must focus our vision on that which fails.
    We know that enforcement creates trauma and is deeply damaging both for the
    individual concerned and for society. Forced situations also require immediate
    emergency assistance for children and their parents. When children or parents do not
    give up without a fight, it goes without saying that something may be wrong. A system
    that acts as the public caregiver must be based on love and respect for man. It goes
    without saying – but it is not always the reality.
    Transparency gives confidence
    We must put in place a democratic separation of powers around decisions in child care,
    so that the sovereign people can control our government. Secrecy can no longer be an
    obstacle to this. There are many ways to anonymize these cases. How it works now,
    most cases processed finished in a judicial system that may base their decisions on
    erroneous or subjective information, and the people have the ability to control. We need
    to take this debate on how power should be exercised in the future and what offers we
    will have for families and children in need.
    Barnevernet relies on the confidence of the population. It is trust that should
    characterize its work, not dread. To achieve this, we must also listen to the employees
    within the social services, those who know where the shoe pinches. And most
    importantly we must listen to welfare pros , to these children and young people who
    have been in the child welfare system, which states: „Children and young people have
    the msot knowledge about their life. They are as much worth as adults. They need love
    and need to be believed and taken seriously. ”
    A system that has as its highest goal to protect children’s best interests, must reflect
    this. Child Welfare Act must be amended so that a distribution of power is introduced.
    We need an external body that represents the people, the hiring process in child welfare
    that reflects the work seriously and financial framework confirms the important work
    being done.
    As elected representatives of the Green Party we ask that both the local and national
    level to initiate a process immediately to restructure the child welfare services in Norway.