International Attorney Petition for the release of Bodnariu children

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Familia Bodnariu PROTEST in fata Ambasadei Norvegiana

On Friday, May 13, 2016 a group of over 100 attorneys from various countries around the world, including four (4) members of the European Parliament, submitted an International Attorney Petition to the Prime Minister of Norway, the Honorable Erna Solberg, demanding the immediate and permanent release of the Bodnariu children to their biological parents, Marius and Ruth Bodnariu. The Petition was delivered electronically, by fax, and through the Offices of Norway’s Foreign Ministry. It was also delivered to the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC. The delivery to the Embassy coincided with the trip to the United States, and the visit to the White House, of His Majesty, King Harald V of Norway.

The full text of the Petition, as well as the identity of all signatories to date is below. NOTE: The Petition remains open for signature and we encourage friends and supporters from around the world to sign…

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