WARNING: There’s a Catch in Norway’s Ratification of the 1996 Hague Convention

Delight in Truth

NEW RULES: When Norway ratify Hague '96 -Convention July 1, will CPS will be required to investigate whether children can be placed with relatives abroad.  - There will be a possibility that the family abroad assume care, says Minister of Children and Equality Minister Solveig Horne.  Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / DagbladetDagbladet reported the ratification of the 1996 Hague Convention to deal with disputed child welfare cases.

Many on social media lauded the move as a  positive development, but Delight in Truth had reservations about the intentions of this action. Dagbladet actually writes that the move was done „to calm tempers.” In other words, politicians do what they do best. Talk.

I am not sure if this ratification will help disputed cases that are currently in the system. The article states that involuntary foster placements („care orders”) are excluded from the convention. Therefore, cases like the Bodnariu, Nan, and Michalakova would not fall under the protection of the Convention because the children were removed on Barnevernet order or court order and involuntarily placed in foster care.

This is the interpretation given by Dagbladet. If indeed this is the case, Norway is stalling. Norway is not interested in real reform to deal with disputed…

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