Peter Costea – Barnevernet Responds – with Falsehoods

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Peter Costea Foto Parlamentul
You may recall on May 13, 2016 over 100 attorneys from around the world submitted a petition to Norway’s Prime Minister requesting the release of the Bodnariu children. On June 23 I received the below response from Norway’s Ministry of Children and Equality. (Note that “Family” is missing from the Ministry’s name). Though I appreciate the response I must respectfully call it what it is – hog wash. It is an agenda driven, irresponsible diatribe defending the most unlawful child protection services I have ever known. How can the Ministry defend, with a straight face, a system which allows the seizure of children from parents, on a whim, without court order, and the even more radical practice of depriving parents of their children without due process and in the absence of court proceedings?
Regretfully, Norway is not a land of freedom. It is not the perfect system the Ministry’s response…

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