Wings of the Wind

Caspian Caspian

The judge has decided: Caspian is NOT coming home to Nadia!

Within the past few hours, Nadia has received a verdict by e-mail and Margaret Hennum has talked to Nadia’s lawyer by phone.

The judge has ruled against Nadia and Caspian.

The Wings of the Wind has been told by a good source that there was only one thing the judge considered in this hearing.

The Barnervernet made a decision to take Caspian away from Nadia the day after she left Vilde with him. The report was filed on the 6th of May. Nadia had left Vilde with Caspian the day before, on May 5th, less than two months ago.

A hurried decision was made that day by someone working at the Vilde Mothers’ Home to make a police report.

Evidently, the judge’s reasoning was based on this report.

Nadia’s lawyer Harald Grape was very surprised by the decision…

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