Wings of the Wind

Caspian Caspian

I have been getting reports out of Norway on Baby Caspian’s ordeal. There are short videos of the abduction being posted on the internet and I will, eventually, share these with the readers of this blog. It is hard to hear women cry because a loved one is being taken for no good reason!

Dagbladet, a large Norwegian news organization, published a report on this story yesterday. Here is only a small part of the article:

„The local barnevernet in Vestlandet, which took the child on Monday, made an emergency decision on the boy now placed in an emergency home ‘at a secret location’. Barnevernet considered that ‘the danger for running away is huge’ and that it is a danger of child kidnapping. They refer to knowing this paediatric nurse, which kept the mother and her child in hiding, through social media has encouraged others in similar situations as…

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