Legal Kidnapping in Norway – American Mother Victim

Wings of the Wind

„On July 23rd, 2013 sweet little Tyler (who then was 19 months old) was taken away by Barnevernet over a Breastfeeding issue. They took him because he did not want to move to solid foods, he mostly wanted milk and his mother Amy would still nurse him occasionally. In year and a half he had 9,6 kg. So there was no reason for concern, because according to weight charts 9,6 kg are normal. Check out this video as Tyler’s mother Amy shares the sad story. Even though she is an American citizen the American embassy did not help her.”

This is another example of many showing the power of the Childcare system in Norway. Our President wont even help? How about those in the embassy? Why bother to have an embassy if it does nothing in such an obvious case? You all need to watch this. „Legal kidnapping” is the…

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