Norwegian children kidnapped in Nigeria!

Five children of Norwegian parents have been kidnapped in Nigeria. The mother was staying home with her three youngest , three little boys, the youngest only three months old, waiting for the two oldest girls to come home from school. The school bus always used to be punctual. The mother started to get very anxious when they did`t come home. Had something happened? She had heard about other girls who had been kidnapped. Guilt started to creep into her mind. Why had she and her husband left their safe home land to come here and bring their most precious innocent little children to such a dangerous place?

Suddenly, a black car came and stopped in front of their house. Hope mixed with dread almost suffocated the mother. Who were those who came out of the car? Were they police? Had something bad happened? They came in and told the mother to come with them to the police station. The boys had to come too. The mother was confused and explained that her maid could take care of her children. Then she asked them if they knew anything about her two girls. They looked seriously into her eyes and told her that they had taken care of them. The mother wanted to know where they were. Then they told her that they were from the Nigerian child protection service and couldn`t tell her where her girls were.

After some long interrogations at the police station, the mother, and also the father, who had been fetched at work, were finally allowed to go home. They wanted to take their two younger boys home. But the Nigerian CPS demanded that they stay with them.

It was hard to get any sleep that night. But they hoped and prayed that everything would be fine and that all their children would be back the next day. Around noon two black cars turned up in front of their house. There was a sigh of relief. Their children were finally coming home. But instead of four children, there came four armed policemen out of the car. The mother, who was alone home with her little baby, held him even closer. She was scared like never before. The police demanded to take her little baby too. She explained that she was breast feeding the baby and that he was dependent on her. They were adamant and told her to give away her baby or they would take him by force.The mother was naturally left in shock and despair when she saw the car leave with her baby and all her children gone…

The same day, the parents learned that one of their neighbours had observed the family for a while. They had seen this strange Norwegian family keep their children inside the house from morning at 11 till evening 7 o`clock. And after that they were only allowed outdoors together with their parents for two hours before they went inside again. That meant that they were holding their children captive, like in prison, which was against Nigerian law.

The Norwegian family are still, after 6 months, waiting desperately for four of their children to come home. The youngest has luckily been returned after the Nigerian CPS concluded that it had been wrong to take a breastfed baby away from the mother. The remaining 4 children are staying in two separate Nigerian families of a primitive tribe. It is rumoured that this tribe are cannibals.

There have been unprecedented demonstrations in Norway to get the children handed back to their biological Norwegian parents. This week, a Norwegian delegation was again sent to Nigeria. The Prime Minister and a delegation of Norwegian politicians are working around the clock to bring the children safely back home to their parents. It will remain a priority, and also a financial priority, until the mission is completed.
This story is of course fiction… But I wonder how Norway would react if it were true…
Comment left by a Swiss lady on „Delight in truth” blog:

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