West Coast Romanian Youth Conference 2016

Delight in Truth


Delight in Truth received this invitation from pastor Gabriel Hada, one of the organizers of this year’s West Coast Romanian Youth Conference. He invites all Romanian youth to attend the convention!


On behalf of the Philadelphia Romanian Pentecostal Church, we would like to invite you to the 2016 Romanian Youth Conference in Portland, Oregon! The theme of this year’s conference is REVEAL CHRIST. We as Christians have a high calling to be a living testimony for Jesus Christ. Now more than ever we are called to stand boldly upon the truth of the Gospel, and Reveal Christ in all of His glory.

Let’s unite in prayer, and raise our expectations that God will impact the youth in a mighty way through prayer, worship, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May He be revealed to the hearts of our youth, in Jesus name!

Date: May 27th to 30

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