Again: More Intimidation by Barnevernet

Delight in Truth


The above letter was sent from Barnevernet to the family of baby Aria. Baby Aria was confiscated soon after her birth without any wrongdoing by the parents who have been fighting for the past 16 months to bring her home.

The letter states the following:

For security reasons, and the safeguarding of privacy, consent is not given by the child welfare services ( barnevernet ) for Filming or audio recording, if this occurs the visitation could be canceled. There will be given opportunity for photography, it is encouraged that the photos taken during the visit are for private use and not to be published in social media.

Undersigned Barneverns leader in Lørenskog barnevern
Arnfinn Heimstad

This is further evidence of intimidation and suppression of freedom of expression by Barnevernet. The system is very sensitive about social media since sites like Facebook have become an effective battle ground against it. The victims…

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