Testimony from Norway’s CPS Victims: Real and Raw

Delight in Truth

These are videos with stories directly from Barnevernet victims.  PLEASE SHARE these videos in the hope that many good and compassionate Norwegians will find out about the human rights violations happening in Norway, and hold Barnevernet accountable. Many thanks to Evgeni Dyakonov [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trc1w3k4G7Q ] for allowing us to share these videos on Facebook and Delight in Truth. We hope these clips penetrate deep into the heart of Norway.

This is Marilena, an immigrant from Brazil. Barnevernet took her 5 children. She was unaware of the accusations against her when they took her children. She was a new immigrant to Norway and had language difficulties, therefore she could not communicate well with Barnevernet. Her family’s life has been destroyed.

Mahboubeh is also an immmigrant. She does not know the reason her son has been removed. It later came out that her 10-year-old son longs for his mom, but this information has been…

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