Cristian Ionescu Bombshell to Norway: „God Forbid They Not Return the Kids… We Do not Play Tic Tac Toe With Norway”

Delight in Truth


Pastor Cristian Ionescu from Elim Pentecostal Church in Chicago is the main architect of the global pro-Bodnariu/anti-Barnevernet movement. He is a Delight in Truth friend and a man of integrity who used the Bodnariu case as a spearhead to mobilize the world against the Norwegian CPS. He is in Norway to meet with Norwegian authorities this week, and he gave an interview to the top Romanian newspaper Adevarul.

He was asked:

„What will you continue to do? Norwegian authorities promised to re-analyze cases where children were removed by Barnevernet.”

Cristian Ionescu:

„I am not patient with Norway. They should have given the [Bodnariu] kids back long ago. All this procrastination proves that we are dealing with a system in survival mode, which will damage itself if it admits its mistake. It is an evil system, and evil cannot be reformed. It must be destroyed.

This system committed more abuse than it did good…

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