NRK – Debate on Barnevernet following the Global Protest (english subtitles)

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Dezbatere despre Barnevernet in Norvegia

Watch the debate in the video below. Here is input from Emanuel Zarnescu who attented this debate and gives us his thoughts:

Emanuel Zarnescu May 3 at 4:16pm ·

Today I attended a public debate about Barnevernet here in Bergen. I don’t know what others think about this but I myself am not very happy. And the main reason is that although the debate should have been about the human rights and the CPS system, there were only briefly pointed out some issues but not developed. There were of course things that were underlined but I myself was thinking about other issues when it comes to the debate on human rights and the CPS system in Norway. And here are some things I thought about:

1. If the parents love their children and wish to raise their children, why do still the Norwegian authorities take the children against the parents…

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