Incriminating facts against sinister Barnevernet in Nan’s case

Incriminating facts against sinister Barnevernet in Nan’s case
Here is more proof of how sinister Norwegian CPS and court system are in their
kidnapping of children: The decision to remove the Nan children from their home back in
January was not even signed by all three judges as required by law, in order to validate
the removal and continue to keep the children in foster care, thus making the process
entirely illegal. The court order was signed by only one of the three judges who stated to
the Nan family that no matter what kind of evidence or proofs they present, they will not
get their children back. Shame on Children’s Minister Solveig Horne and the country of
Norway for allowing these kinds of abuses, crimes, really, to continue and thus destroy
the lives of the Nan family and who knows how many other families.
May God intervene in this God forsaken government and destroyer of families!

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