Council of Europe Commissioner Slams Norway

Delight in Truth

Norway is being squeezed from multiple angles because of their aggressive Child Protective Services: international protests, international and domestic media, European Court of Human Rights, European Parliament, multiple foreign governments and now the Council of Europe. The following is the first paragraph from today’s Dagbladet, one of the most popular Norwegian newspapers quoting the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner:

„Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, was, according to The European Post , very critical in his statements when this week he answered questions from parliament member Valeriu Ghiletchi in Moldova about a Norwegian Barnevernet case where a Norwegian-Romanian family [Bodnariu] are deprived of their [five] children.

Taking children from their parents is a major issue that requires the utmost care because we have to think: what is best for the child? Child’s best interests are almost always to be with their parents. Only in extreme and exceptional…

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