Stop Barnevernet Gambia, Africa – Tata si fiu au demonstrat in fata Consulatului Norvegian 16 Aprilie 2016

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Carito and son protesting in Gambia Africa april 16th

Carito spune ca e ilegal sa protestezi in Gambia si a incercat sa protesteze cu mare grija impreuna cu fiul sau ca sa nu fie arestati. Si-au facut tricouri si banere cu care au protestat in fata Consulatului Norvegian.

Father and son protest in Gambia, Africa: Bring the Bodnariu kids home!

Africa and Gambia had a little protest oo, ttoday, 16. th of April!

Carito and dad, what’s best for the children!
We made our own t-shirts and a banner and came to the Norwegian / Swedish Embassy. Demonstrations are crazy illegal in Gambia so we had to keep it low-key, immediately after we got out of the car stopped people up to see smile emoticon

Now Norwegian authorities soon begin to not only stop, but also to correct the grove overtrampene they have done in hundreds of families around, both out in the world but also in the little…

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