Senator Corlatean: Bodnariu Family Received a „Positive and Favorable” Psychologic Evaluation!

Delight in Truth

Despite this development, the Bodnariu family continues to have four out of five children confiscated!

In February 2016, after months of dragging their feet, Barnevernet performed a psychologic evaluation of the Bodnariu parents. Senator Titus Corlatean revealed on a Romanian TV program at Antena 3 that the Bernevernet psychologist who performed the evaluation was somewhat surprised that it took 3 months for this evaluation to be done. The psychologist was also surprised that such evaluation did not take place BEFORE the children were confiscated.

Moreover, the psychologist’s report indicated a healthy parental environment in the Bodnariu home. The exact words Corlatean used were „positive and favorable” in describing the content of the evaluation with respect to Marius and Ruth.

Given these details which have not been made public until now, we must ask the question: what is going on inside this sinister institution, Barnevernet? And since Barnevernet has politicians at…

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