• It is stated by the European human rights Court that a placement of a child outside its
    biological family is an action that can be done only as a temporary measure. And it
    should be as brief as possible, according to Norwegian courts.
    In our case, the Psychologist, a specialist appointed from the court, who spent over 100
    hours on the investigation, stated that we should be given a chance as parents. Also our
    regular doctors for the last 4 years didn’t see any problems with us as caregivers.
    Moreover, a witness from Nav Lillestrøm didn’t see any problems, and also a woman
    whom “adopted” the father of Aria when he was grown up and introduced him into her
    family as her own son didn’t see any problems.
    However, Barnevernet agents “saw a problem”. Arnfinn Heimstad, the boss of
    barnevernet in Lørenskog refused to talk to us.
    Two contracted women from barnevernet, Lene Jargren & Mette Haugen, did see a
    problem (3 hours conversation with us after Aria was taken).
    Psychologist Britta Strømme from the municipal see a problem (6 minutes on the
    telephone). The same Psychologist used by the barnevern as a specialist witness for
    them, she was behind one of the concern report sent to the barnevern office in
    Now 5 months later after the court even stated that barnevernet did this in a wrong way,
    there has been no further investigation upon us as parents of Baby Aria.
    No further interest from Barneverns Leader, Arnfinn Heimstad, in investigating if the
    consultants he hired may have been wrong.
    NO FURTHER INTEREST in bringing our princess Aria back to her family, this is A
    CLEAR VIOLATION of Aria’s Human Rights and our Human Rights.
    Arnfinn Heimstad shall be personal responsible for the crime he continues to commit
    against our family without being accountable to anybody.
    And we will not stop our fight for justice, so one think at least some one should be
    thinking of limitation of the severity of the crime he committed.
    Instead of this extremely bad attitude, which shows that the barnevern don’t care about
    the opinions of other professionals involved.
    Ken Joar Olsen


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