To the Shame of Norway, Barnevernet Strikes Back!

Delight in Truth


Steven Bennett (photo) is an English teacher from London who is a vocal supporter of the Bodnariu cause. He brings us shocking news about what Barnevernet has planned for April 16th, the international day of protest against this diabolical system. Steven writes:

„Many parents are now being given visitation dates by the CPS to see their children/loved ones on Saturday 16 April, knowing that the parents will choose seeing their children over going to one of the protests in Norway. One Barnevernet employee made a comment to one mother, “well, we will see how many will participate on this day, when so many of you will have visitations.

Despite them trying to silence the families, Barnevernet will not be able to stop the world from protesting! Steven continues to write:

„A friend of mine took the bus today from Oslo to Hemsedal. Next to him was a very…

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