With Barnevernet, Norway is going South

  • <Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity – in short,
    of tyranny – and it is committed to making tyranny universal>. Adlai E. Stevenson
    Eastern Europeans sensed the communist system in Norway, for they had lived under
    that kind of regime.
    Under communism, the institutions of the state had been doing „their job” (but often not
    the job that they were supposed to do.), so there were certainly laws under communism,
    and they were enforced. We were just questioning the content of the laws and the way
    they were applied.
    What’s happening right now with Barnevernet (CPS) in Norway is very similar. The
    system there is not imposed by force though.
    Apparently, Norwegians trust a system that can easily condemn innocent people.
    They point at „abuses” that supposedly happened in some natural families but seem to
    ignore that there is more violence in foster families.
    Barnevernet is using trivial reasons to accuse parents and confiscate their children from
    them without any due process, any warning, or any social investigation.
    Norwegians seem to trust their state agencies. We trust our people.
    The persons who revealed the atrocities from our communist countries were the
    In Norway, victims who did not know each other said quite similar things about the
    government abuses. The very way evidence from a lot of different sources converged
    was a sign that it might be true. And it was!
    All the evidence about Barnevernet coming in from all sorts of families in Norway should
    have given the Norwegian authorities an important message, too.
    They should not have discarded it as unreliable. They should have gone into every
    single case long ago. Then they would have found enough sure evidence to point out
    what their obligation was: to stop Barnevernet. Immediately.
    There are two major signs of communism:
    1) Lack of transparency

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