VIDEO – Protest in Athens in support of The Bodnariu, Nan and other families

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Fotis Romeos General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance in Greece Fotis Romeos General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance in Greece

Fotis Romeos General Secretary

of Evangelical Alliance in Greece

We are in the center of the city of Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the country which has given us the language of the New testament, spreading the Christian principles and values all over Europe, and we are here to protest this afternoon on behalf of one family from Romania who lives in Norway, because we feel that we are one family  here in Europe and we want to share the same values. We want to express our solidarity with them.

I would like just to share briefly in English about this case so the people might know here in Athens. In every culture, no matter where you travel in the world, the coming of a new baby into a family brings joy, overwhelming joy. Hope is rising, in particular in Europe, an…

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