15-year-old Donia dies while in Swedish foster care

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As we prepare for another weekend of protests on behalf of the 18 romanian children that were removed from their families in Norway wihtout signs of any abuse, here is another horrible case of abuse while in foster care in the country of Sweden which has the same Child Protection Services as Norway.

The Story of Donia Hassan – 15-year-old Donia dead from mono in Swedish foster care

Mono, or glandular fever as it’s known outside of America, is very rarely lethal. That is,  assuming you’re not a client of the Swedish foster care system, which Donia Hassan, born in 1997, had been for the last five years – against the will of both herself and her mother.

Her care placement began back in 2007, when her mother, caring for two daughters then aged 10 and 13, had to be hospitalized for a brief period. At that time she willingly…

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