Petre Costea – Dreading the Dreadful – Norwegians Fear Barnevernet

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Photo Obiectiv Vocea Brailei Photo Obiectiv Vocea Brailei

Norwegians dread Barnevernet. Especially the parents, expectant mothers, and those who practice responsible parenting styles which conflict with Norway’s secular parenting ideology. This is the picture that emerges from the many electronic communications dispatched from Norway to the international team working on the Bodnariu matter, as well as the countless commentaries posted on different facebook pages around the world which relate to this incident. Together, they weave a compelling story of fear and apprehension of Barnevernet, an odd Norwegian institution which rightly may be described as a Stalinist monstrosity. Many Norwegians are fed up with it and are keenly aware that it brings shame on their country. It embarrasses them and, as you will see below, stokes fear in many of Norway’s families. The families, however, feel helpless. Their stories are remarkably insightful into the practice of the legal abduction of children in Norway, a dark…

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