Norwegian politicians: “The horror around child protection” ~ IONUŢ JOHN VOLOŞEN

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Bodnariu Texas rally Alianta Familiilor din Romania Photo
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I was really happy to find out that FINALLY, some Norwegian politicians have awakened, and they are in total agreement with some of the arguments we brought forth from the beginning of the Bodnariu case, and those are that:
  • the biological principal (parental principle) must weight heavily in the decision
  • if placement is really required, then children must first be placed to relative family
  • there are cases where the interrogators obtain false confessions from the children
  • the decisions to remove the children is mostly based on the psychological reports written by Barnevernet hired psychologists.
  • there are no checks and balances on the decision power of Barnevernet. There is no independent institution to verify the validity of these measures.
[Romanian: In sfarsit unii din politicienii Norvegieni s-au desteptat si agreeaza intocmai cu punctele pe care noi le mentionam inca de la inceptu…

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