Anti-Barnevernet Discourse at the Protest in San Francisco

Delight in Truth

I am here first of all as a Christian but also as a husband, a father and a physician to join you in protesting against the great injustice done by the Norwegian Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) to the Bodnariu family.

We are here to sound a world-wide alarm that the five Bodnariu children were abusively removed from their home without due process, without a social investigation, and without warning.

Imagine your children not returning home from school one day.  Imagine CPS and law enforcement walking into your house and grabbing two more children. Imagine agents coming in and snatching a nursing infant off his mother’s breast.

Many of you grew up under a brutal communist regime, but you have never seen such a crime against an infant. The early months in an infant’s life are formative in his relationship with his mother, and this has been brutally disconnected.

History and…

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