Norwegian CPS investigated for criminal actions


  • Norwegian CPS investigated for criminal actions
    I managed to catch Barnevernet on their lies and contradictions. After an unusual
    experience some years ago, I was put on a mission to do what I have done. On the 9th
    of November 2015, the police in Kongsberg, the town in Norway where these crimes
    had been committed, opened an investigation. The police person in charge at this time is Laila Seim Krogh. She can confirm to any press or media who want to write about it, that this is true. Her phone number in Norway is: (if media is concern, please contact me for the number at To my knowledge, this is the first time in history, ever, that the people working in Barnevernet in Norway had been investigated by criminal law, for their conduct in a barnevern case. Hundreds of parents have tried to file reports to the police, with documentation and facts, only to be told that the police will not start any investigation. The media in Norway doesn´t want to write about this. They have been put on notice multiple times… and so far it is silent. Please spread the news. It would help a lot if some media abroad, outside Norway, picked up on this and stated this historical fact for all the families who are fighting these horrible cases, to give them hope.
    Arianne H. Christiansen


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