Shocking Psychological Tactic from Barnevernet Toward Young Children

Delight in Truth

The intense international pressure has had a positive effect in the Bodnariu case, as the parents have been allowed to see all children by now. Barnevernet has never experienced this kind of pressure before and are trying maneuvers to appease public opinion. They are scheduling town hall meetings with immigrant families to „help them understand” how the system works, and are doing a blitz campaign in the media accusing the international community of misunderstanding Barnevernet actions.

Well, we understand all too well.  We know their human rights violations, and as a result of increased access to details in the case we know that Barnevernet has been manipulating the children in a horrible way.

Professor Marianne Skanland has been closely watching their techniques over the years and is shedding some light on how the girls responded when they saw their parents:

„One of the really vicious things to my mind is that it appears…

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