At least 10 reasons why I support the worldwide protests against Barnevernet


Aerial filming of the rally in Suceava (January 16th)

During the past two weeks numerous rallies in support of the Bodnariu family (and against Barnevernet, the Norwegian Child Protection Service) took place in various capitals around the world: Bucharest, Washington, London, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Brussels, The Hague, Dublin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Ottawa, Chișinău. Public gatherings were also organized in cities such as Barcelona, Torino, Frankfurt and Milan.

In Romania, the crowds of supporters were significantly larger, with 2.000 participants in Arad and at least 5.000 in Suceava. Other meetings were held in Constanța, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara. As the wave of protests grows, keeping track of all the gatherings is becoming increasingly difficult for someone like me, who cannot follow the case with undivided attention.

When the protests began to gain momentum, I wrote a post listing ten reasons why I support the movement. Estera Decean, a friend of mine, has…

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