To her Excellency Tove Bruvick Westberg, the Ambassador of Norway in Romania: Why do you abduct our children ?

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Photo credit Antena 3 Photo credit Antena 3

Madam Ambassador, I have listened carefully to your explanations with regard to the abduction of the Bodnariu family children and the other Romanian children in Norway. I have also seen the dry statements of the Norwegian Embassy. You spoke beautifully, you tried to be elegant, but as other officials in the West, you speak to us with superiority. Moreover, you are under the impression that if we are less wealthy, we are fools too. If, in the years you have lived in Romania, you failed to get to know us, the problem is not us.

Madam Ambassador , we lived under a dictatorship for 45 years, not as well established as is the Norwegian national-socialist dictatorship, but still a dictatorship. We were afraid of each other (as it is happening in Norway, today) , we were followed and some were taken at night with the Militia…

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