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New Levites- MANIFEST
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Suntem in masura sa va prezentam surpriza de care v-am vorbit,si anume:single-ul MANIFEST,cel mai recent cantec al nostru,compus dupa ce am vazut suferinta familei Bodnariu din Norvegia.
Ascultati,va rugam,iar,daca doriti,va rugam sa distribuiti!
Asadar,primiti cadoul nostru!
Seara frumoasa!

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Finally! Norwegian Media Covers Bodnariu vs. Barnevernet in Detail!

Delight in Truth


This is the title of the front page story that spans 15 pages in Bergens Tidende, one of the largest Norwegian newspapers. The article is also available by subscription online and hundreds of thousands of Norwegians are subscribed.

Delight in Truth read the coverage, and while it is not overly friendly to the Bodnariu family whose 5 kids were confiscated by CPS (Barnevernet), it attempts to maintain an objective tone with representation from multiple sides in the saga.

Reporters were present on scene at large demonstrations in Romania. Interviews were taken with demonstrators, Ioan Brie (pastor and dean of Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest), Senator Titus Corlatean, and Norwegian officials in the local Barnevernet. It gives an accurate portrayal of the demonstrators’ concerns.

„I do not get it. I can not imagine anything worse than losing my children,” says one demonstrator. 

The article covers key…

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