Military analyst & director intelligence Sebastian Sârbu vice-president National Academy of Security and Defence Planning director of International Center For Criminal Intelligence (SUA)

Analist militar & director de intelligence dr Sebastian Sarbu vicepresedinte al Academiei Nationale de Securitate si Organizarea Apararii director la International Center for Criminal Intelligence (USA).

ENGLISH:The Bodnariu family case exposes a harmful transnational Mafia system which practically operates in a no man’s land area, with some degree of involvement of the Norwegian state at certains levels.
Norway does not have proper laws in the field of family and child protection. It is the authorities that are responsible for the operativeness of intervention in this case and the way of dealing with information, as there is no public report for this case.It is clear that the Nordic countries are a target for internal and international organized crime which, taking advantage of an abusive adoption system, is…

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