Let this be a warning to our youth being fascinated by all these American churches and ignorantly justifying them as „solid food” when in fact they depart sound doctrine. This is from a Norwegian friend, pastor in Norway:

„About a week ago I read your article about the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement. You’ve got many important facts there, but I would like to tell you a little more about our pentecostals and our history.
As you maybknow, the Pentecostal movement came to both Norway and northern Europe by pastor T.B. Barrat. He was a methodist pastor, that went to the US to collect some money for his mission among orphans. This was late in the year 1905. In New York he got to know about the things happening at Azusa Street in Los Angeles. Well, Barratt did never attend a meeting in Azusa Street himself, but experienced the baptism of the…

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