Inside Barnevernet: Personal Vendetta Against Bodnariu Family

Delight in Truth

Troubling allegations against the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) are surfacing in the Bodnariu case where CPS confiscated 5 children 3 months ago.

There is evidence that besides the „abusive Christian indoctrination” issue which triggered the CPS action, one of the main social workers/investigators in the case is a former nursing school colleague of Ruth Bodnariu, and she may have a personal issue with Ruth. The unprecedented Romanian delegation which recently visited Norway attempting to secure the release of the children revealed this seemingly small but critical detail here.

This leads to suspicion of bias in the CPS investigation. Ruth Bodnariu’s former colleague who was involved in removing her children is said to harbor jealousy toward Ruth dating back to nursing school, where Ruth is said to have been a superior student.

This is a highly irregular matter when in comes to investigations. How can a CPS organization allow investigators to be intimately involved in the case…

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