URGENT: Help spread the news regarding the Washington D.C. #BODNARIU Protests to the media outlets

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016
For all those who support Marius and Ruth from the United States and Canada,
Please e-mail your local and national news outlets (i.e.: TV, news papers) and request that they cover our protest in Washington DC, on Friday January 8th, 2016.
Please include this in your message (you can use copy/paste):
I am writing to inform you of a protest that will take place in Washington DC on January 8th, 2016 from 0930 to 1330 in front of the Norwegian Embassy. The cause: · gathered > 48,000 signatures in an online petition supporting our cause; · gathered > 5000 hand written signatures that will be provided to the Norwegian embassy on Friday; · gathered more than 500 protestors from > 20 major cities, and > 30 Christian leaders and pastors in attendance who will be speaking · will have live international media coverage provided by…

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