Barnevernet is Ruining Norway’s Reputation

Delight in Truth

A Norwegian visitor on Delight in Truth left this comment:

„It is standard procedure for barnevernet to try and coerce the wife into divorcing the husband. I know about another family where the parents divorced pro forma in order to get their children back.”

It was shocking to many of us to find out from Romanian senator Titus Corlatean who has been advocating for the Bodnariu family at the European Court of Human Rights and Norwegian embassy in Bucharest, that Barnevernet social workers have tried to bully the Bodnariu parents into divorcing.  Apparently this may be standard procedure at the Child Protective Services in Norway. A similar tactic was used in other widely publicized cases, particularly cases involving citizens from India and from the Czech Republic.

Instead of counseling and helping families, their first move is to remove children without investigation, without warning, and without cultural or religious considerations.

Go nuclear, investigate later. 

Barnevernet has…

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