More Dishonesty from Barnevernet in Bodnariu Case

The case of the Bodnariu children has captivated the world and has caused an international black eye for Norway.

The renegade Barnevernet (Norwegian Child Protection Service) has destroyed the Bodnariu family by confiscating their 5 children without any evidence of abuse.  This is a repeated offense by Barnevernet especially against ethnic families, and the Bodnarius are a mixed Romanian Norwegian family.

The Romanian government is now involved in trying to secure the release of the children, and high level officials like senator Titus Corleatean have made multiple appearances on Romanian TV discussing details of the case.

One detail in particular caught my attention.

During their arrest and interview, the Bodnariu parents Marius and Ruth were repeatedly threatened and coerced to say and do unethical things, and admit things they never said or did.

In fact, two Barnevernet social workers tried to coerce Ruth to lie that Marius is a violent man.  Barnevernet promised that if she lies/testifies that Marius is a violent man, and if she divorces Marius, then they will return the 5 children to her alone.

Is this how Barnevern “helps” families in Norway?

This constitutes a violation of Norwegian law, international law, Geneva convention guidelines and basic human rights!!!

This is the monster the Bodnarius are fighting.

This is the evil that Barnevernet is practicing in a lucrative child confiscation and child adoption business that involves 2-3000 children per year.

Be shocked at reading this because it is true.

Norway you can repair this harm. Return the kids now and reform Barnavernet, because major protests are coming across the world against this injustice!

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