Exposing Norway’s Barnevernet: Abuse of Ideology

Dear Facebook friends, bloggers and social media users, we must expose this institution for what it is: an anti-family ideological bully. Please share these kind of articles with your friends raise online awareness about what Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) did to the Bodnariu family. Their five children were abducted by the government without any prior warning or discussion under the accusation of Christian religious indoctrination. No history of abuse or criminal behavior by the parents, no prior counseling, no warning of any kind…

The Bodnariu case is not out of the ordinary for this country.

Many such cases have been publicized in recent years, with international families receiving the most attention.  In order to illustrate the craziness of Barnevernet’s action lets examine the case Aurum and Sagarika Bhattacharya, an Indian couple who had their two toddlers confiscated.

The Indian family was accused of (The Nordic Page reports here)

  • emotional disconnect with the children
  • children being fed by hand
  • children sleeping in the same bed as the parents
  • providing an insufficient amount of toys for the children

Are you kidding me? This is a gross misunderstanding of the cultural and/or religious way of life of a family who has done nothing wrong. This happened three years ago and activists, bloggers and social media users erupted in a fury of criticism exposing Barnevernet’s abuse. This pressure eventually led to the return of these children.

The Bodnariu case is much more severe since five children were confiscated. In an effort to justify their existence and ideology, Barnevernet is digging in and it appears they are trying to get the children to admit to parental abuse, which was not the initial accusation!

We must press on and let the world know about this gross injustice. An online protest via email is taking place at this time. Please see this Facebook page for instructions to let EU authorities know about the Bodnariu case.

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