For Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim who sent this comment


Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim responded to my POST analyzing his assessment of the Bodnariu case. This is his comment:

Thanks for you contribution, mister Cristianionescu. None of us know the details for sure in this case. I acknowledge that, but you talk like you have the whole picture. Maybe «barnevernet» and the police (which has their own, independent investigation) both are wrong in their accusations about violence against the children. I hope so. An yway, you’re missing my main point (on purpose, maybe): This has nothing to do with religious persecution, which a lot of people have claimed. That’s the bottom line her. Have a Merry Christmas.

First, of course I know many details about this case, that’s why I’m writing about it! But, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, how dare you write about it, at the same time you know close to nothing about it? And, surely, Marius and Ruth…

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